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Guiding Tenets

The General Giant tenets that we use as guides for decision making can be summed up in a few short points:


Pursue success but not at the expense of life!
Happy people do better work.


If you can not do the job, be honest and say so.


If a client is a nasty and uncooperative do not do the task even if it is profitable and possible.
We do good work and we desire to actually solve problems. We will not be brought in to be anyone's whipping boy or a scapegoat. If you hire us, we expect to be part of the team looking for a common goal that is good for you and your bottom line.


Focus on Project Management, Systems Integration, and Oracle technology.
We will ensure our members are capable before assigning them to a task.


Get issues into the open quickly with no political correctness.
Ours is a group of like-minded people. Essentially we like each other enough to tell it like it is, fight, resolve, and have a beer later!

How Our Philosophy Adds Value

Our primary motivation is overall and long term success for our clients and for ourselves. This long term goal de-emphasizes simple immediate monetary gain and the short term decisions that tends to entail.

To achieve our goal requires that finish what we start, do what we say, maintain the respect of our peers and clients, and have the power to do the right thing without undue political influence.

If a task takes a single hour to do, we will say so and charge appropriately. If a task requires large and potentially unpopular resource commitments, we also will say so even at the expense of not obtaining a contract. By being honest with our clients and ourselves we avoid circumstances of mismanaged expectations and subsequent disappointments.

Guiding Tenets