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General Giant takes pride in employing people who are bright, enjoyable, experienced, have demonstrated an ability to solve problems and work well with others. Our members have a commitment to client support and complete problem resolution.

A mentor support structure gives our consultants the value added ability to leverage the knowledge of company wide resources for problem escalation and resolution. This means our consultants are not out there on their own; we work collectively to solve client problems in the most efficient and supportable manner.

Central tools, quality control, and training ensures standards are maintained. Local people ensure accountability to you the client.

Through hard work, honesty and effective communication, our members excel at fulfilling their goals. The result... happy clients.

Examples of particular General Giant value offerings include:

Simple tasks done well; we promise simple things and then do them well

Quality control; from random inspections of work done to regular review and training, we ensure that everyone gets high quality

Highly repeatable methods; We have easily repeatable, proven methods for the ordinary stuff. It allows us to spend our time and energy on the extraordinary tasks.

Effective communication; You can get in touch with us and we can get in touch with you. Heck... you can even get in touch with other clients! Emails, pagers, voice over IP, 1-800 numbers... you'll never have to look far to obtain our services or our support.

An extended network of professional and capable colleagues and vendors on whom we can draw for special needs


General Giant is a progressive company with a strong and proven track record of successful work, experienced and accomplished members, and satisfied clients.


Provided Value