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Why Us


because we have repeatedly succeeded where other firms and individuals have failed!


because we save time and money through smart, hard work and the use of repeatable methods


because our solutions are documented, organized, and maintainable


because we have a history of happy clients
(aided no doubt by our extensive use of laughing gas)


and because we make excellent peanut butter and jam sandwiches!


We formed our company of like-minded people who believe in:

Only promising what you can deliver

Being creative and persistent in achieving the goal

Finishing successfully what you start

Enjoying the process!
This may involve more than a little humor along the way!

These are simple statements and perhaps over-quoted. But they are what we believe in... and our quality reputation and successful project history prove the point.

Our people are senior and familiar with multiple technologies. Beyond performing the technical tasks demanded by a project, we are capable of aiding in the direction and design of a project so that will achieve real savings and not expend money on wishes and whims.


Why Us