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Company Philosophy

Our Promise

Our promise is do only those tasks we know we are great at... and simply do them well. In addition, we will do the legwork to identify other vendors who approach work the same way and refer them to you.

Unlike the majority of companies and institutions, we provide a useful and real guarantee. While there is naturally a lot of fine print to satisfy the requirements of the law, the basics are:

  Fair quotes at a local market value
  A clear statement of work before beginning
  Responsibility for damage or loss
  An option to do the work again and better or pay another vendor to do it.
  A good foot massage.
  And more...

Real People

we can't stand never-ending voice-mail purgatory. We have real people with real names that you can contact to resolve problems.

Of course you are welcome to send them a lollipop if they've done a good job also!