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Good Methods

We do simple things. But we do them well.

Yet clearly most people have had inferior work done with poor service, at high cost, and without much recourse.

Our job is to prevent that circumstance. We do this with several good practices and preventative measures:

  Centrally managed quality control
  Centrally managed scheduling
  Leading edge information management using the internet, hand-held computers, and automated paging systems
  Security and background checks of our employees
  Scheduled and random reviews of our own work
  Scheduled and random reviews of our vendors' work
  And more...

Good Backup

Even the best of peopel and companies will make a mistake or not meet a standard. Rather than deny this reality, we ensure that plans are in place to address such situations quickly and effectively.

To do this we:

  Take responsibility for all franchisees, employees, and even vendors
  Have top notch experts to address problem circumstances
  Possess the will and the financial wherewithall to fix a problem
  Are secured by various types of insurance
  And more...

Peace of mind