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General Giant

General Giant exists to perform some common services for home owners and small businesses.

Window washing, lawn care, snow removal... we do these simple things very well and we do them promptly.

Our other primary focus is to qualify local vendors, inspect their work initially and regularly and to ensure that they will actually do what they say they will.

On your request, we will refer qualified vendors to you for services you need.

Here's the kicker: we will guarantee our work and the work of others! The buck stops here.

We can do this because:

  We work hard
  We work hard
  We know what the heck we are doing!

We have gained a reputation for:

  Saving troubled projects
  Creating order
  Generating maintainable solutions
  Succeeding where others could not

We work hard, we are honest, and our extended network of professional colleagues provides a deep pool of additional knowledge when it comes to addressing unusual problems.

It doesn't hurt that we have a sense of humor!


General Giant