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General Giant is based in your local community. Not so much a franchise as a clearing house for good practices, General Giant supports the hard work of people who live in your community.

Our central offices exist primarily to house our computer systems and our support center. Our management and quality control people are on the road most of the time ensuring that we are actually serving your needs.

You can contact us here on the web via support email and soon via 24x7 on-line interaction with our call center.

You can contact our head office by phone as noted below. As our phone system is connected to all of our regional offices, you can contact your local representative through this number also.

Our main office is located in Atlanta, GA. Contact Allan or Robert to get in touch with other members of General Giant.

General Giant
227 Sandy Springs Pl.
Suite D-103-292
Sandy Springs, GA
tel:   770.391.1359
fax:   770.391.1359
toll free:   TBD

  Sales & Marketing   Allan Barnard
  General Administration   Robert Kornegay
  General Office Account   Office

Contact Information